• May 27, 2024

Latest Zogby Poll Has Clinton And Trump In Virtual Dead Heat

Most polling data is relevant to those that do the polling, meaning who is doing the polling and where it is done. But some polling organization as Zogby carry some credibility in it’s gathering method’s. That being said it has been a relatively good week for Donald Trump in the eyes of the voting public. He has with stood  the slings and arrows of the left’s media onslaught. Which I might say is now being recognized for what it is, a biased unashamed tool of Hillary Clinton. Most Americans like fair play, and the left is leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths on how this campaign is being waged.

According to Western Journalism:

In the most recent poll Trump leads among independents, 32 to 26 percent. The GOP nominee also has increased his support among what Zogby calls older millennials, ages 25-34, and is now tied with Clinton at 30 percent.Trump also showed strong results among two other groups Zogby identified — “NASCAR fans” and “Weekly Walmart shoppers.”“Ten years ago these groups tended to slant conservative and Republican. That trend has been reversed during the Obama Presidency, and these consumers tend to be more liberal and supporters of Democrats today. Trump has reversed this trend,” Zogby wrote.

We are now getting close to Labor Day and the final push. So buckle in, you will be seeing more polling data, more attacks on Trump, which I have stated continues to help rally voters to his cause, especially if he continues to connect with the Blue Collar voter. If he continues to inspire Americans with his speeches and lays out his plans for the future rationally he will do very well. The drum beat of doom and gloom over the past eight years has worn thin. Hope and change did not work for the people, just a few. What do you think?


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