Liberal Baltimore Just Legalized Everything EXCEPT MURDER!

Throughout my travels in this world, I have been to a lot of the major cities in the United States and I can tell you that every single one of them has the sections of town that can best be described as bad.

You have places where it seems that for whatever reason certain laws that are partially designed to make sure the whole city doesn’t look like crap are not being enforced. Then, we get to Balitmore.

I have passed through Baltimore on more than a few occasions and it seems that over time the city has just gone downhill more and more with each passing year. Now, it seems that their elected officials are just throwing their hands up and saying to hell with even arresting anyone unless it’s a murder.

State attorney in Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby has decided not to prosecute crimes in her district that she considers to be low level crimes including

  • CDS (drug) possession
  • Attempted distribution CDS
  • Paraphernalia possession
  • Prostitution
  • Trespassing
  • Minor traffic offenses
  • Open container
  • Rogue and vagabond
  • Urinating/defecating in public
  • Mosby and her husband are under investigation.

Mosby and her husband are under federal investigation for corruption and many subpoenas have gone out in connection with the case. Mosby is being investigated for using campaign funds to pay her personal legal fees. No other information on what crimes they are being investigated for but there must be other things the feds are looking at because Mosby’s husband would not be responsible for his wife’s possible misuse of campaign funds.

There is no proof that refusing to prosecute what some consider minor crimes such as selling drugs does anything to lower the crime rates other than the fact that many crimes will no longer show up in the statistics. I lived in the New York Metro area when Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York and he went the other way, enforcing minor crimes and the crime rate in the City plunged.

In a press release, Mosby claims that policies she has enacted have decreased crime in Baltimore, which is true but only because people aren’t being arrested for many crimes. But the murder rate and non fatal shootings are on the rise, at least until Mosby decides to no longer charge them with crimes.

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