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Little Girl Gets Spooked By Haunted Doll [VIDEO]

A little girl is playing with a doll in her room and having a good time as a second doll is lying just a few feet away.  The doll’s head seems to turn just as objects begin flying across the room.



In the second part of the video, the little girl is in the living room drawing on a small card table.  Suddenly the papers on the table begin moving about and the girl runs from the room.  She hesitatingly comes back into the room just in time to see the table slide violently across the floor.

In a second creepy clip the girl is seen drawing when papers on the table start to flutter around

Terrified the girl flees the room and the papers fly off the table as if blown by a strong wind

Heavier objects are then flung from the tableThe table itself then appears to move

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