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Woman who Went on Viral Rant Gets Battered

A woman in a Michaels craft store, went on a rant when a cashier of color asked if she’d like to purchase a reusable shopping bag for $1. This happened at the end of November. The rest is history. While calling black people “animals,” she kept shouting in this regard. “I voted for (Donald) Trump; so there!” she added.


The clip, another customer had filmed, went viral. After viewing, there were a lot of reactions around the country. Jessie Grady, the woman who filmed it, used GoFundMe to raise over $32,000 to give to the manager who was criticized. Not everyone reacted so thoughtfully. After entering the apartment of the woman, who was in the rage at the store, and pushing her and calling her names, according to Fox 32, a man has been charged with battery.

The man, Ramiz Bajwa, allegedly called the woman a “racist, bitch-ass whore.”

Bajwa was charged with simple battery, which is a misdemeanor.

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