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[VIDEO] Black Racists Try to Intimidate Fraternity at University of Missouri

Police have released video showing the Legion of Black Collegians (LBC) taunting and insulting  members of the Delta Upsilon fraternity.  When the police came, the LBC claimed that the White students were using racial slurs, but none of that was captured on the body cam footage but officers said there was a barrage of racist talk coming from the blacks.  The Delta Epsilon Fraternity was suspended in September after two black women accused them of shouting racial slurs at them.  There were no witnesses to that alleged verbal assault.



The footage captures a highly graphic altercation between black students and white fraternity members on Sept. 27 with the Black Collegians repeatedly swearing at and threatening the white fraternity members.

Events began to unfold, according to LBC members, when a drunken woman shouted the N-word at them and several frat members proceeded to open their dorm windows, play rap music and “provoke” the black students.

Police officers were soon on-scene to quell the disturbance and had their body cameras recording. Though the LBC claimed the frat members used racist language, the video does not indicate that. However, it does show the black students threatening the fraternity.

In one segment a black student warns an unnamed target, “I’m not being peaceful no more. I’m not going to sit here and cry. …. I’m going to beat your ass. It’s not going to help, but I’m going to feel a whole lot better while I’m smacking the fuck out of some ignorant white boy.”  While another black student makes a more general condemnation: “Fuck America. Fuck this broken-ass country.”

According to initial police reports, investigating officers reported hearing black students using racially-charged language, referring to white students as “fucking cracker” and “fucking redneck.”

“While trying to keep the [fraternity members and black students] apart, people inside the Delta Upsilon house began shouting out of the windows, which further angered several people in the crowd,”



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