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Palestinian Official Admits They are Working With Obama Against the Jews

A Palestinian official says that the Obama administration is working with the Palestinians against Israel and plan more actions before Jan 20th.  With such a short time left in Office, the Muslim in Chief no longer has to pretend and has declared all out war on Israel.  His only regret is that the ovens and the gas chambers won’t be ready in time.  He does however have the reeducation camps up and running throughout the United States.  They are named harvard, Princeton, University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin, with many located in New York and California.



If you have any doubts as to the veracity of the Palestinian official, just listen to this announcement from a deputy spokesman for the State Department, Mark C Toner.

From Breitbart:

Instead, a spokesperson for the State Department pointed to Tuesday’s press briefing with Deputy Spokesperson Mark C. Toner at which Toner was asked about future action on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and replied that the Obama administration will continue to “work until January 20th.”

Here is that section of the briefing:

QUESTION: Should we see tomorrow’s speech as the last word from the Obama Administration on this issue, a summary of where we are? Or is this the start of a three-and-a-half-week push to create a new framework for negotiations?

MR. TONER: That’s a very good and a very fair question. I don’t want to predict anything and nor do I have anything to announce coming up. Certainly this administration is going to continue to work until January 20th.

The question was referring to yesterday’s speech on Mideast policy by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Meanwhile, the PA official speaking to Breitbart Jerusalem said that any upcoming UN action would be geared toward bypassing the Mideast policies of the incoming Donald Trump administration by establishing binding guidelines for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and a halt to settlement activity.

“The new motion will seek to set up a clear timeline for negotiations resulting in the establishment of a Palestinian state and stipulate a procedure for overseeing the implementation of Resolution 2334, including posting inspectors to the Palestinian territories.”


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