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Man Charged With Manslaughter for Killing Man Trying to Rape His Wife

Mamadou Diallo of The Bronx, New York City has been charged with manslaughter after the man who tried to rape his wife died as the result of the fight the two men had.  Diallo was standing outside his building, when Earl Nash knocked on the door and Nenegale Diallo let him in.  Once inside Nash started beating the woman and tearing her clothes off.  She offered him money but he told her he did not want money, he was going to rape her.  Either Diallo or her son called the father and he rushed upstairs with a tire iron.


Once on his floor, he saw Nash and his wife was half naked standing in the hall.  She told her husband not to let the man get away and he and Nash began fighting.  Nash was hitting Diallo with a leather belt and Diallo was hitting Nash with the tire iron.  Nash was taken to the hospital and declared dead from head injuries he suffered.  Diallo was then taken into custody and charged with manslaughter.   Diallo’s son witnessed his mother being beaten and saw Nash ripping her clothes off of her.

Earl Nash died from what police called “severe trauma to the head and body.”

Earl Nash

By all accounts, Diallo is a well liked law abiding citizen and Nash was a career criminal, having been arrested 19 times including the unlawful imprisonment of a seventeen year old girl.  He just finished up serving a nine year sentence just last year.  Before the attempted rape, Nash had not been arrested since May 14th.  He has a long rap sheet that includes drugs, arson, unlawful imprisonment, robbery and assault.

From The New York Daily News:

Amadu Kamara said Diallo, a native of Guinea in West Africa, was a quiet man who never caused any problems in the building.

“He seemed like a fine gentleman,” said Kamara, 47. “He’s a hard-working person. You don’t see him getting into any kind of trouble.”

According to Ibrahima Diallo, his brother’s wife and her sister fought with Nash for 20 minutes.

“He came in and punched her,” said Ibrahima Diallo. “He came in, locked the door and started fighting.”

The wife fought him off, called her husband in his cab, and he rushed into the building. Nenegale Diallo was treated and released at a local hospital.

Nash “said a lot of bad words,” said Nenegale. “He hit me too much. He takes the chair, he hits me in the head.”

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