Man’s Best Friend, Dog Or Colt?

We all know that old saying that a dog is mans best friend, but the fact is that even with their unconditional love, sometimes a dog can be a bit of a pain. Don’t think so? Well just ask Donald Johnson of Chicago he can tell you, or at least he could if he wasn’t dead.


Chicago police said that Donald Johnson was shot and killed Sunday morning by his father during a dispute over who was going to take the family pet for a walk. Authorities said the argument between the two escalated until it ended in a shootout between the two men while the dog sat by the door.

dog n pony

When the gun smoke had cleared, the 22 year old son was dead and his father seriously injured, the dog was not hit in the exchange of gunfire. Surprisingly, or not, Chicago Police said the shooting happened on the city’s South-Side, in the area known as Burnside on Sunday morning.

A spokes person said the son, Donald Johnson, was shot multiple times and died at the scene. Meanwhile the young man’s father, who is 43, was also hit by several shots fired by the son. At the current time, the father is still hospitalized at a local facility and is listed in fair condition.

The shooting has both neighbors and community activists frustrated over the unnecessary violence. On such outspoken resident of the area and community activist, Ja’mal Green, asked the gathered crowd: “How did we get here? How did we get to the point where ‘I hate my blood family enough to take his life’? It makes no sense.” Green said that there is so much pain in Chicago’s troubled neighborhoods that even the most trivial interactions can explode.

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As yet, the father has not been charged with a specific crime as the investigation is continuing. One officer told reporters it is unknown at this time who fired first. Really, a son shoots his father and a father shoots his son over taking the family pet for a walk? Does it really make any difference who fired first especially in a city where gun ownership is virtually illegal at any time.

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