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Never Let a Sore Throat Go Untreated Like This Woman

Your body is a fine tuned machine and like your car, unless you are an expert, it would be wise for you to take it to the doctor or mechanic, whichever the case may be.  Too often we decide something is minor, only to find out later we were wrong and it can cost you big time whether to your body or to your car.  Shelby Smith of Tennessee found that out the hard way when she ignored her sore throat.


She had an annoying tickle in the back of her throat for weeks. She ignored it, figuring that it’d go away on its own. The decision would cost her dearly.

 “Little did I know I was going into septic shock.”

Smith had a rare form of strep throat bacteria that’s highly aggressive. Dr. Jeffry King, one of Smith’s physicians, said it’s hard to detect and even harder to treat.

She was rushed to hospital and was put in a medically induced coma for a week while doctors treated her infection. The medicine came at a high cost however.

The treatment redirected blood flow back into Smith’s organs. That meant her extremities were receiving less and less blood. When she was finally lifted out of coma her fingers and toes were black. She lost parts of 4 fingers on her right hand and 2 toes on her left foot.


If you have something go wrong and you do not have a medical degree, it’s always wise to see your doctor.  You know, the one if you like Obamacare will let you keep.  It may take a little time and some money but after reading this woman’s story, I think we can agree that it’s worth it.

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