• October 6, 2022

Missing Teens IPhone Found, But Offers Little Clues To Their Disappearance

The father of Austin Stephanos, one of two teenage boys who disappeared while on a fishing trip in July 2015, has revealed that Apple was unable to retrieve any information from the boy’s iPhone, which was found on the boat.


In a May 11 Facebook post, Blu Stephanos wrote:

On Tuesday evening I was notified by my attorney, Michael Pike, that he had a conference call with the team leader at Apple, Inc. who informed him that, unfortunately, Austin’s iPhone could not be restored to working order.

If the FBI turned to Apple when they needed help, I see no reason to doubt that every possible means was employed to get Austin’s phone working again.

Needless to say, we were disappointed, having hoped to get some information or maybe just some final memories from Austin’s phone. But the fact that it can no longer function as a phone doesn’t diminish its value as a cherished memory of my beloved son.
Austin and his friend, Perry Cohen, were last seen July 24, 2015, when they embarked on a fishing trip from Jupiter Inlet, says WPBF. At some point a storm capsized their boat, according to Independent Journal. The boys were never found. Austin’s phone was recovered when the captain of the Edda Fjord came across the wrecked boat March 18, 2016. It was roughly 100 miles off the coast of Bermuda.

Perry’s mother, Pam Cohen, said she is not giving up. She issued the following statement on Facebook May 11:

As I’ve said before, I owe it to Perry to exhaust every possible avenue in pursuit of finding out what happened to him.  According to Apple, there are other experts in the field who may be able to pick up where Apple left off, to continue the work. Apple has offered to securely hand the iPhone off to an expert in this technology if the families can agree on such an expert. We look forward to working cooperatively with Austin’s family toward this transition. We are not giving up on the iPhone’s potential for evidence until all viable efforts have been exhausted.

H/T: Independent Journal

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