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More Trump Winning: China Offers to Protect N Korea If They Dump Nukes

Beginning with the Clinton administration that gave North Korea 2 nuclear reactors, fuel and 250 million dollars in cash that was used to build nuclear weapons and through the 16 years of George W and Barack Hussein sitting on their hands as a maniacal regime in North Korea thumbed their nose at the world, North Korea has made the United States look weak in the eyes of the world and our allies who are threatened by the regime.


Those days are coming to an end as President Trump prioritizes reining in the rogue nation.  Being the lifelong deal maker that he is, President Trump went to work on China, threatening harsh trade practices that threatened the prosperity of the country and then offering to temper those policies if China would put a stop to North Korea’s nuclear program.  It appears his plan is working.

The Global Times, an outlet affiliated with the state-run People’s Daily, the paper of the ruling Communist Party ran an article explaining to North Korea about the advantages of dumping their nuke program in favor of guaranteed protection by China.

They Wrote:

“This path has no outlet … it doesn’t matter if North Korea tests a few more nuclear bombs or a few more missiles. It will not make any difference.  Washington does not fear North Korea, and another nuclear test increases the likelihood that the U.S. will use military force.”

“If North Korea does not end its nuclear activities, this end is inevitable.”

“Pyongyang may assume that atomic bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles are the keys to ensuring national and political security, but this is wrong,” the Global Times argued, further commenting that the international community, China included, will not stand idly by while North Korea tests increasingly-powerful nuclear weapons.”

“Beijing will not patiently allow Pyongyang to continue its nuclear activities. This is where the U.S. and China are in agreement,” the paper noted, “The difference is that Beijing insists on a peaceful solution that does not threaten the regime, while Washington may use force and take extreme measures.”

In a separate article they tell North Korea that President Donald Trump is “a man who honors his promises.  This resolve cannot be found in the legacies of Clinton, Bush Jr or Obama.


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