• June 27, 2022

Muslim Doctor in Detroit For Performing Female Genital Mutilations on Girls as Young as Six

In the Muslim world, Female Genital Mutilation is common.  The process removes parts of the female genitals that  give women pleasure and leaves them as nothing more than a vessel for their husband’s sexual desires.  It also creates both physical and mental health problems for women who undergo the procedure.   Dr. Jumana Nagarwala has been arrested and charged in federal court.  She denies the charges, but at least one doctor has examined one of her patients and he found cuts and scar tissue and that her genitals do not look natural.

It is reported that she has performed the procedure on girls as young as six.  Parents would bring their girls to her office at the hospital to have the operation done.  The operation is painful and the girls scream out in pain during it.

 According to authorities, girls were brought to Dr. Nagarwala’s medical office for the procedure by their families. She told one victim she was going to “get the germs out” when describing what she was going to do.

A Minnesota doctor examining a girl who said Dr. Nagarwala had operated on her found that the “girl’s genitals were not normal and observed scar tissue and healing lacerations.”

Officials say that they have identified other girls from the Michigan area who underwent the procedure from 2005 to 2007. Dr. Nagarwala denied the accusations, saying that she knew FGM was illegal and that she had never performed it on anyone.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Blanco described the procedures allegedly performed by Dr. Nagarwala as “horrifying acts of brutality on the most vulnerable victims.”

“The Department of Justice is committed to stopping female genital mutilation in this country,” she added in a statement, “and will use the full power of the law to ensure that no girls suffer such physical and emotional abuse.”

I personally would like these so called feminists who vigorously defend Islam to volunteer to have this done to them.  How about you?

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