• June 20, 2024

[MURDER] 26 Police Officers Now Dead, Up 44% From Last Year



The summer of chaos has begun, everywhere we turn we see more and more violence against police officers. Each and every night there is another “peaceful” protest, and each night another officer’s family members mourn the death of their loved one at the hands of racist psychopaths all in the name of “Black lives matter.”

**Side note, If black lives really mattered, the black community would not make up most of the abortions performed in the country each year…

26 cops have been killed this year alone, up 44% from this time last year.

From USA Today:

The number of police officers shot and killed in the USA is 44% higher than at this time last year following the Dallas ambush Thursday night that left five officers dead, according to data from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

The deaths of four Dallas police officers and one Dallas transit officer from sniper fire during a protest in the city Thursday raised the national total of firearm deaths among police to 26. This compares with 18 at this point in time in 2015, said Nick Breul, director of research for the fund in Washington, D.C.

Breul said it was also the latest of 11 ambushes of police officers so far this year across the country, already outpacing the eight ambushes of law enforcement that occurred last year.

Obama’s reaction to five cops slaughtered in Dallas by a racist black man?

Blame Texas’open carry law.

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