• June 17, 2024

Muslim Sells His 6 Year Old Girl to 55 Year Old Mullah


A father claimed that a 55 year old Mullah stole his six year old daughter and married her.  That claim fell apart when it was discovered that he had sold his daughter for a bag of rice, tea, sugar, oil, and a goat.  The father has been arrested and the mullah,  imam Abdolkarim, allegedly promised the father he would not sleep with her until she turns 18, even though Sharia Law permits him to sleep with her once she turns 9.

From The Sun:

Gharibgol’s father insisted imam Abdolkarim promised he wouldn’t sleep with the six-year-old until she turned 18.

Following the marriage, respected imam Abdolkarim is said to have taken his child bride to a relative’s house in Firozkoh, Afghanistan’s Ghor province, to live as his daughter.

But witnesses reportedly became concerned when they saw the imam “undressing her at night”, according to The Observers.

The child has been rescued from the arranged marriage, and is currently being housed in a safe location with her mother.

Tests carried out at a hospital in Ghor showed no sexual intercourse had taken place between the pair.

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