• December 10, 2023

Muslims Are Outraged At Pizza Hut, McDonalds And KFC

There’s no intention of assimilation with the Muslims who want halal served at America’s most popular fast food restaurants. They’ve made demands and filed lawsuits, screamed and hollered, and it’s still not good enough.

Arshard’s attempt to convince McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut to comply with the religious practices in their business have been met with resistance. The Muslim population of Hong Kong is only roughly 3%, and that small percentage may have accounted for the refusal to serve Halal meats. So far, the big name chains have refused.

“It’s disappointing that we could not convince the companies,” said Arshad. “It doesn’t have to be Hong Kong- wide. In the main areas, like Central, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, the New Territories, and at the airport, it would be a great service. The companies have to realize there is a need for this, and that it is good business for them.”

McDonald’s restaurant has tried to serve Halal in America, with two restaurants in Dearborn, Michigan serving the Muslim approved meats in their Chicken McNuggets. After a local resident and several Islamic organizations sued the fast food giant with allegations that the Halal meat was not truly Halal, McDonald’s was forced to pay a $700,000 settlement and removed the food from their menus. McDonald’s has not resumed the practice of appeasing the Muslim communities in America by serving the Muslim approved meats.

Read more about this and what exactly Halal is at UsWorldReport.

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