• August 12, 2022

Nevada DMV Ordered Workers To Register Non Citizens to Vote

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske has discovered that DMV employees have been ordered by superiors to register non citizens to vote.  Furthermore, an unspecified number of them have actually voted.

Cegavske wrote to the head of the Nevada DMV expressing her concerns and ordering the DMV to end that practice.  Here is part of the letter she sent to DMV director, Terri Albertson:

 “It has come to our attention that when offering voter registration opportunities to customers, DMV’s employees offer voter registration materials to DMV customers whom they know to be non-citizens based upon their presentation of a Green Card for identification purposes.”

“More specifically, it is our understanding that some DMV employees have been instructed to accept registration materials from all customers, including those who present a Green Card for identification purposes…This practice must cease immediately. Please take appropriate actions, as we have reason to believe that non-citizens have unlawfully registered to vote in Nevada as a direct result of DMV’s practices. Moreover, we now have confirmed that some non-citizens illegally cast votes in the 2016 election.”

Albertson claims that the DMV really tries to weed out ineligible voters but that doesn’t make much sense since they were registering people with green cards to vote.  Citizens would not need a green card.  She also feigned surprise claiming that Cagavske’s office approved of all of the procedures.  I call “bullshit” on that one.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation released a statement on the matter:

“Our voter registration procedures again demonstrate end-to-end flaws based on an honor system and outmoded belief that only U.S. citizens need government services. In the decades since Clinton signed Motor Voter, noncitizen services and voter registration procedures have become perilously intertwined, inviting accidents and fraud alike. Secretary Cegavkse is right to demand reforms and new protections for lawful Nevada voters.”

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