Easter Weekend Sees Sharks Attack From Florida to Hawaii

This past weekend seems to have been a rather busy time for the most feared creature in the sea. From Jacksonville, Florida to Honolulu, Hawaii the creatures seemed determined to make a snack out of beach-goers. One witness to the attack in Honolulu told reporters: the victim is a French surfer who later had part of one leg amputated.

Despite the partial amputation, the man was still in very good spirits but is in remarkably good spirits. A friend, Mac Pigott said he visited the victim on Saturday in a hospital on the island of Kauai following the attack at Davidson’s Beach. While he did not identify the victim by name, he showed a local TV station a picture of him smiling from his hospital bed.


Mr. Pigott said it was necessary for doctors to amputate one of the victims legs just below the knee. But he was handling the situation well telling everyone he was in the process of setting new goals. In fact according to Pigott, he says he is looking forward to competing someday in the Paralympic Games.

Just about the time of the attack in Hawaii, Two shark attacks were being reported in Jacksonville, Florida. The first, involved 17 year old Keanan Perry who is currently recovering after a shark attack on Friday about noon while he was surfing at a popular ocean-side park.

Here is Keanan’s description of the attack: “I was paddling in and I got off my board to see if I could stand to walk in. It was about chest height and was deeper than I expected. I dropped down when my foot touched the sand. Right when it touched the sand it (the shark) just latched and it was gone.”

Perry said he knew right away he was being attacked by a shark and his first thought was to simply get away. He says the injury is about three inches deep in the back and will likely require a lot of stitches. Doctors said the bite tore his Achilles tendon but Perry can still move his foot. His injuries were not considered life-threatening.

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