• October 1, 2023

#NeverTrumper to Sing Hillary’s Praises at Democratic Convention


Doug Elmets, a former Reagan administration speechwriter and currently a republican strategist and adviser will be appearing at the Democratic Convention to sing the praises of Hillary Clinton.  Elmets claims he is doing this unselfishly for the benefit of the country.  I am sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Donald Trump has proven that career advisers are really unnecessary.  This proves what many have said from the beginning that anyone who opposes Trump, supports Clinton.

From The Washington Times:

I never anticipated supporting a Democrat, but Hillary Clinton is certainly the most prepared candidate probably in modern times to be president,” Mr. Elmets said in a video interview with The Sacramento Bee. “And given the alternative of a petulant reality TV star candidate in Donald Trump, the decision was very easy.”

 Mr. Elmets has made no secret of his opposition to Mr. Trump — he denounced the billionaire businessman in a May 31 interview with CNN — but unlike other prominent #NeverTrumpers, he has taken his antagonism a step further by championing Mrs. Clinton.

“I feel like I am using this opportunity to do what is best for this country,” he said.

Hillary Clinton is the best thing for this country?  It would then follow that rape is the best thing for celibacy, right?

Elmets says that 4 years of Hillary is better than one day of Trump.  Does anyone really believe this jerk is a principled conservative, or even a plain old conservative?  In the future, I will make myself aware of whatever candidates he works for and I shall support that candidates opponents.  He’s doing what is best for his wallet, not his country.

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