• June 19, 2024

CHAOS: Bernie Supporters Plan To Block Hillary’s Nomination


Bernie Sanders supporters are pissed off, and they have every right to be. 20,000 emails have been leaked proving the corrupt DNC is all in for Hillary, heck maybe even Bernie too.

Now there is a plan by the Sanders fans that  may attempt to block Hillary’s nomination.

From The Blaze:

Bernie Sanders’ supporters have already made their voices heard at the Democratic National Convention, but they have yet to face their biggest challenge — Tuesday’s roll-call vote.

Division within the party was on full display in the City of Brotherly Love as the convention got underway Monday, due in part to the leaked DNC emails that purportedly revealed the party convoluting and conspiring against Sanders, the self-proclaimed democratic socialist and anti-establishment candidate. Despite an apology from the DNC and resignation of party chief Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), tensions still ran high among delegates gathered in Philadelphia — especially within those whose loyalty lay with Sanders.

Along with front-runner former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sanders’ name was placed into nomination in a move that DNC sources said Monday night was “mostly symbolic.” With both candidates still technically in contention for the nomination, each will get 20 minutes of floor time later Tuesday. Sanders has not yet officially suspended his presidential campaign.

During the roll-call vote, Clinton could win simply by an acclamation vote from Sanders for Clinton, thus ending the voting process and making the Democratic Party the first national party to nominate a woman for president.

Clinton employed that same tactic in 2008 when she ran against then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama as she cut the roll-call vote short. She then released her delegates and contended that Obama be determined the nominee by acclamation.

Sanders’ spokesman announced Tuesday afternoon that the Vermont senator has asked that his state go last in the roll-call vote, despite the vote usually going through in alphabetical order, and said that he will then acclimate his vote for Clinton, CNN’s Dan Merica reported Tuesday. By going last, Sanders will be able to count Washington’s and Wisconsin’s votes for him before he cedes to Clinton.

But multiple Sanders and DNC sources also told TheBlaze Tuesday that by waiting until the very last minute, Sanders could be holding off to see if Clinton reaches the 2,383 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

If she doesn’t, some Sanders supporters remain hopeful that he could make a ploy to become the nominee; others simply think he will still acclimate his vote as he’s “proved his point.”

Even Monday night, while he attempted to assuage his frustrated supporters and advised his base to back a Clinton nominee, Sanders said, “I look forward to your vote during the roll-call tomorrow.”

By mentioning the roll-call, Sanders essentially squelched any hope that he would pull the same gracious move in the name of party unity, Democratic operatives told TheBlaze.



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