• December 6, 2023

NSA Whistleblower Says NSA Has All Of Hillary’s Emails


William Binney, a former highly placed NSA official has come forward and says the NSA has every one of Hillary’s emails and the FBI could have gotten them anytime they wished.  Binney questions the idea that it was Russia that hacked the DNC computers.  He speculates that it could have been a disgruntled security worker upset because Clinton got away with violating the espionage act.  He also noted that Clinton would life materials out of the GAMMA compartment.

GAMMA is described as:

GAMMA compartment, which is an NSA handling caveat that is applied to extraordinarily sensitive information (for instance, decrypted conversations between top foreign leadership, as this was).

From Breitbart News:

Binney was an architect of the NSA’s surveillance program. He became a famed whistleblower when he resigned on October 31, 2001, after spending more than 30 years with the agency.

He was speaking on this reporter’s Sunday radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.

Binney referenced testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in March 2011 by then-FBI Director Robert S. Mueller in which Meuller spoke of the FBI’s ability to access various secretive databases “to track down known and suspected terrorists.”

Stated Binney: “Now what he (Mueller) is talking about is going into the NSA database, which is shown of course in the (Edward) Snowden material released, which shows a direct access into the NSA database by the FBI and the CIA. Which there is no oversight of by the way. So that means that NSA and a number of agencies in the U.S. government also have those emails.”

“So if the FBI really wanted them they can go into that database and get them right now,” he stated of Clinton’s emails as well as DNC emails.

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