• October 1, 2022

Obama Administration Names Ships After Liberal Politicians…Ignore War Heroes


The Obama administration does not pull any punches.  They hate our military personnel.  It has come to light that during the Obama administration, warships are named after liberal politicians.  One was named after now deceased John Murtha, who had been in Viet Nam as a Marine.  But the naming of the ship after Murtha was extremely controversial since it came after he accused U.S. Marines of killing civilians in cold blood in the Iraq town of Haditha.  He, of course, was wrong.   But the ship was named after him anyway.

Ships were also named after  Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (That’s the one they confiscated all the guns from),  Medgar Evers and leftist farmworker Cesar Chavez.

The latest ship to be named after a leftist will be Carl Levin.  Now, it is true that other chairman of the Armed Forces Committee have had ships named for them, such as Carl Vinson.  The difference is Vinson championed a “blue water: navy that could operate in all the oceans around the world.  Levin’s claim to fame is that he oversaw the dismantling of our naval capacity.  Carl Levin is no Carl Vinson in any imaginable way.

I can see the U.S.S. Carl Levin now, with it’s Nerf Cannons, super duper power soakers and 73 white flags that come in all shapes and sizes for easy surrender.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is responsible for the naming of new ships coming online.  He is a longtime democrat, who was previously the state auditor and governor of his homestate of Mississippi.  The naming of ships under his watch has been unusual in that they neither conform to longtime naval traditions for naming of ships nor his own directive, he issued in 2012.


  • Fast combat support ships (AOE) are named for distinguished supply ships of the past.
  • Frigates (FFG) retain their traditional naming conventions after U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Coast Guard heroes.
  • Littoral combat ships (LCS) are named for regionally-important U.S. cities and communities.[4]
  • Replenishment oilers (AOR) were named for shipbuilders and marine and aeronautical engineers, but have returned to the older convention of river names.