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Trump/Kasich Steal Back Delegates From Cruz

Now who’s crying foul? With the great delegate grab, and the pursuant whining and crying over it, it looks like what comes around, goes around.


Sometimes turn-about is fair play?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich got fewer votes than Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the state’s presidential primary last month, but his Michigan delegation may have more influence at the national convention than Cruz’s camp after forming an alliance with Donald Trump’s campaign.   

Kasich’s delegates teamed up Saturday with supporters of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to deny Cruz’s Michigan delegates any seats on the four committees that will decide the parameters of the Republican National Convention.

Cruz advisers, who thought they had worked out a deal with Team Kasich, cried foul. However, Kasich campaign representatives said Saturday the alliance with the Trump campaign was in response to Cruz’s people trying to pick off other candidates’ delegate seats during Friday’s congressional district caucuses.

“Cruz leadership broke word in Michigan, got greedy & tried 2 screw everyone. Lost all. Rule: pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. #Cleveland,” Kasich’s chief strategist, John Weaver, wrote Saturday on Twitter.

Jeff Timmer, Kasich’s top Michigan adviser, confirmed to the Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe “that his team teamed up with the Trump camp to block Cruz supporters. Given that nobody had all of the votes needed to prevail, ‘Deals were inevitable,’ he said in an email.”

The Trump-Kasich move raised eyebrows from many who wonder if the two are plotting a longer game together. Two reasons why that’s unlikely: For starters, Trump represents everything Kasich has stood against in this campaign. Secondly, Kasich has ratcheted up his attacks on Trump (and Cruz).

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