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Obama Signs Another EXECUTIVE ORDER That Could Allow For A Third Term/Martial Law

There has been speculation, in some circles, that Obama isn’t leaving the White House, under his own steam. Some have talked about a third Obama term and wondered if he’ll declare martial law. And while it seems like pie-in-the-sky and the stuff of conspiracy, because this is America, right? And we have things to protect us from stuff like that, right? Well, maybe not so much, anymore. Obama may not have issued the most executive orders, but he has issued the most harmful to liberty and our Constitution. Here’s the latest, and it’s a doozy in regard to knocking the knees out from under our Constitutional Republic structure. reports: President Barrack Obama signed the “Patriot Defense of Liberty Enabler Act” which is his latest in a series of Executive Orders to bring the U.S. in “compliance with the United Nations Agenda 21”

The President says that this plan will allow the Federal Government to “assume control of all Federal territory in case of a National Emergency or Civil Disobedience”. In addition, this act will allow the U.N. Troops to assist U.S. Forces when needed on domestic soil.

What is your opinion on this executive order? Is this Obama’s grab for Martial Law and third term as President?

So, what do you think? Conspiracy? Or just severe overreach? Do you think it’s possible to proclaim martial law and put an end to democratic elections? What constitutes ‘civil disobedience?’ Why would we need the UN special forces on American soil, when we have the most powerful military in the world? Share this on your wall and make your opinion heard.

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