• May 24, 2024

Obama Throws Hillary Under the Bus, Could Lose Her Security Clearance


In a surprise filing, the Obama administration pulled the rug out from  under Hillary’s feet and it could cost her, her security clearance.  Everyone who handles classified material must take training in how to safely and securely handle sensitive information.  Not surprisingly neither Clinton nor Abedin completed theirs.  Cheryl Mills completed hers the first year but not the next thyree.  Ironically, Patrick Kennedy, whom Clinton tried to blame for Benghazi and the classified emails completed 12 courses in document handling.

Many news organizations, including the Daily Caller used the Freedom of Information Act to find out if Hillary and her staffers ever took the required briefings, after it became known that Hillary had mishandled confidential materials through her private email server.  At the time, the State Department merely said they could not locate the documents but that didn’t mean they didn’t exist.

Mark Toner, the State Department’s deputy spokesman told the Daily Caller that Clinton had been personally briefed on the required security procedures but the Obama DOJ report has determined, that was a lie. (Thanks, Maury)  Their statement leaves no wriggle room.  They said that had she taken the training there would be a paper trail and there isn’t one.

From The Daily Caller:

But Department of Justice officials were clear in their filing that if Clinton had security briefings or classes, it would show up in their databases.

They reported to the court that the State Department scoured the files and databases held by four different department training divisions: the Student Management Training System; the Cyber Security Administration; the Sensitive Compartmented Information electronic training records; and the certification records at the Foreign Service Institute’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

“State searched the record systems and databases that would contain records showing that the specified individuals completed the mandatory training courses — if they in fact completed them,” stated Benjamin Mizer, the principal deputy assistant Attorney General, and Marcia Berman, the assistant director of the Federal Program Branch at the Justice Department, in their filing before Judge Leon.

The government’s lawyers explained that the Bureau of Diplomatic Security is “the primary training institution for [State]” and would possess training records for Clinton and her aides. The SCI also “has access to SCI electronic training records.

The DOJ (Department of Justice) declared:

“If its search of STMS, the Cyber Security Administration database, and SCI electronic training records did not locate training certifications, then such courses were not completed.”

The new revelation could cause Clinton to lose her security clearance or at least force her to take the mandatory classes and briefings, which would be an embarrassment.  You might think that losing her security clearance would prevent her from becoming president, but you’d be wrong.  Someone who is elected to office gets a pass and receives a security clearance no matter what’s in their background.



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