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Parents in Summerville, SC Seeing Red Over Islamic Lesson Plan

A teacher from the Summerville, SC school district sent home with her students a worksheet from the Five Pillars of Islam that has appeared at schools across the country angering parents.  Students at Alston Middle School (Which is about a mile from my house) were given assignments that are nothing more than propaganda for Islam.  Christianity is treated like the plague but Islam is glorified.



One section of the worksheet instructed students to match certain passages from the Quran with the Pillar it most closely supports. One of the questions in that section quoted a verse from the Quran, which reads: “Allah: There is no god but Him, the Living, the Eternal One. Neither slumber nor sleep overtakes Him.” The correct corresponding pillar was for that particular passage was the first Pillar of Islam, which states, “Proclaim there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet.”

Another section had students fill in the blanks. One statement, once completed, referred to Islam as a “religion of peace.” Another blank instructed students to say how Muslims feel that “a few people of my religion committed terrorist acts.” Pupils were also asked to circle whether Muslims “do” or “do not” believe in “terrorists’ idea of a ‘holy war.’”

Dorchester District II spokeswoman Patricia Raynor tried to convince people that the assignment is not promoting Islam and that they will be studying Christianity as it applies to Rome.  How much do you want to bet it shows Christianity in a bad light?

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