• September 26, 2022

Pastors Unbelievable Response to the Men that had NO Mercy for his Wife

During a home invasion in Indianapolis, 28-year-old Amanda Blackburn was murdered. Her husband, Pastor Davey Blackburn, was distraught following his wife’s death. Like others who have lost loved ones, he often found himself longing for his wife and angered that she was taken away from him so abruptly. Instead of holding on to his rage, he has made an unexpected decision.

Blackburn’s heartfelt message will bring a tear to your eye.

After experiencing waves of emotion, from positive to negative, Blackburn came to an enlightening conclusion. He learned that forgiveness wasn’t emotion, but rather a choice. He could claim that he’d forgiven the 3 men who tore his family apart, but in order to move forward with a clear conscious, he had to practice that truth and make it a part of his daily existence.

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He explained, “Everyday I have to wake up…and I have to decide to forgive. And here’s why I decide to forgive. It’s because bitterness and unforgiveness is going to be a cancer to no one else except for me. And it’s going to eat me up inside if I hang on to that.” Blackburn didn’t want to feel anger and vengefulness anymore. He recognized that the negativity could consume him and it wasn’t a life that he wanted to subject himself to.


The pastor was leaving the men’s fate in Jesus’ hands. He is confident that an appropriate punishment will follow in the afterlife. Having this belief has aided in Blackburn’s healing and has allowed the man to share his powerful story with others.

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Whether or not you believe in the religious aspects of his message, it is worthwhile to consider the benefits of forgiveness.

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If Blackburn can forgive the people who murdered his wife, we can forgive people in our lives who have committed lesser crimes.

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