• April 19, 2024

Patriotic Texan Shows ISIS ‘Do Not Be Afraid, We Are America’

A patriotic Texas resident held a flag all day and night near the site of this weekend’s shooting to remind Americans not to live in fear.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack outside of a Muhammad cartoon event in Garland. A security guard was injured, and the two gunmen were killed in a shootout with police.

Joseph Offutt, 21, told Elisabeth Hasselbeck today on “Fox and Friends” that residents weren’t taking their kids to school after the attack, which prompted him to get out in the community with his message.

Offutt held his American flag and a sign, which read: Do not be afraid, we are America.

Offutt said that he was by himself for an hour or two, and then a friend stopped by to help him hold the flag. As time went by, he said that people arrived with flags and signs of their own.

He also told Hasselbeck the touching story of a Muslim family, who stopped and approached him.


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