• April 13, 2024

[Photos] This Man Has The Oddest Way Of Trying To Remove Hemorrhoids, Earns A Trip To Hospital

Yes, you read that correctly. A man from Zhejiang was admitted to the hospital with a knife stuck in his butt. The man, a 54 year old surnamed Yan, apparently suffered from hemorrhoids and was trying to get rid of them.

Yan, a local restaurant employee, told reporters that he had suffered from the hemorrhoid pain for almost 20 years and one morning decided he could not take it any longer. Using a sharp knife, he bent over in front of a mirror and jabbed the knife into his butt. When the knife got stuck, he called and asked a coworker to drive him to the hospital in what must have been a very bewildering phone conversation. “A knife? In your where?”

knife_butt.jpg                                              knife_butt3.jpg

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