Podesta and DNC Need Basic Computer Lessons

You are probably getting tired of hearing that ‘the Russians did it’, just as I am. So, how long do the Liberal progressives believe we will keep listening and believing?

I’m weary of hearing that Podesta and the DNC were hacked. It has been tried on me and I’m sure on many of you. Someone asks you to verify your password. Stupid people comply. Podesta and his people were were not too computer savvy and fell into the trap like Alice into the rabbit hole.

Getting a computer user to willing give up their information is not the same as being hacked. Liberals should stop making the Russians look so intelligent with computer knowledge.

This is what happened to Podesta. He received a spear phishing email designed to look like official communication from Google notifying him someone had tried to change his password. “Google stopped this sign-in attempt,” the email read. “You should change your password immediately.” The bottom of the email included a link labeled “Change Password” designed to fool the reader into giving away their password.

A novice computer user may comply with this. A professional or  up to date computer user disregards this notice and is aware that someone is trying to fool them into giving up their password.

A Clinton campaign aide, who had access to the account, read the email and proceeded to forward the email to the IT aide, Charles Delvan, who believed the email to be non evasive. Delvan wrote back to the aide, Sara Latham, “This is a legitimate email, John needs to change his password immediately.” Delvan supplied a link for this to be done.

Latham then emailed Milia Fisher, another aide and asked her to change the password. One of them (does it really matter?) clicked on the phishing email to change the password.

Delvan, who is apparently haunted by the mistake, explained that he had accidentally typed “legitimate instead of “illegitimate.”

Give me a break. A link was sent with the instructions. I guess people who work on computers and deal with emails with the DNC are not quite qualified to do their jobs.

The DNC was hit by the same type of email, requesting a password change, that gave attackers access to a whole lot of information that led to the resignation of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s information.

Wow, that phishing expedition hit the jackpot all because the non-profit didn’t want to spend a lot of money on cyber security even though they knew they would be targeted.

So much interesting information was found in of a couple of email accounts. I guess, if you have nothing to hide, it doesn’t affect you as badly. Unfortunately, when you’ve been bad and have left evidence, it can destroy a presidential campaign.

It really wasn’t an expensive attack or one that needed much imagination. These are your every day phishing emails.

Russia had nothing to do with this. The information could have been by a novice attacker from anywhere.

If I hear the Russians being blamed for anymore hacking, I’m going to scream.

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