• July 15, 2024

Police Foil Two Terrorist Attacks In One Day

Officials said police have carried out a series of raids yesterday in an attempt to stop a planned terror attack. This was in addition to another plot that was uncovered earlier in the day. A spokesperson told SKY NEWS that one woman was shot and at least four other people were arrested during the Thursday evening raids. According to Sky News, one of the homes raided had been under surveillance by police counter terrorism units for several days prior to the operation. During the raid, police had to use deadly force on he buildings occupants.

The arrests and the shooting occurred just hours after a man carrying large knives was arrested near the Parliament building which was the scene of another attack. Yesterday’s incidents happened a month after the terror attack near the Palace of Westminster, which killed five and injured more than 50 people. That attacker, Khalid Masood, 52, born in Dartford, England, drove a car into pedestrians, burst through a gate, and then fatally stabbed an unarmed police officer. British police have been on heightened alert since that attack. The man arrested in yesterday’s incident is accused of preparing a terror attack. Authorities told media that yesterdays incidents were not related.

terror raid

Police say the four people arrested in last nights raids which were carried out in London and southeastern England, are being held on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts. In addition to the initial arrests, two others were arrested at that address, as was a neighbor while officers continued to search the home on Friday. In a separate incident, a woman in Kent was also was arrested.

Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioners, Neil Basu told Sky News the arrests “have contained the threats that they posed.” Basu said London police have beefed up patrols and remain extra vigilant “against the backdrop of a severe terrorist threat. With the attack in Westminster on 22 March so fresh in people’s minds,” he said, “I would like to reassure everyone that across the country officers are working round the clock to identify those people who intend to commit acts of terror.”

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