Princeton, New Jersey Teaches Illegal Aliens How to Avoid Arrest and Deportation


19714525-mmmainIn a program that would make Barack Obama and Marco Rubio proud, the city of Princeton in New Jersey has put together a lesson for illegals that includes pamphlets with instructions on how to avoid arrest by ICE and what to do if stopped by Law enforcement.  The city is reacting to what they call “unfortunate arrests” of illegal aliens.  Criminals being locked up.  How barbaric.

With a real president and administration, Princeton could find itself in huge trouble for aiding and abetting illegal aliens.  If they really wanted to push the envelope, the Justice Department could find Princeton culpable for any crimes committed by illegal aliens assisted by the city.  Right now, I’d say Trump would be the only one who would tackle that problem, after Cruz said three weeks ago that he had no intention of rounding up illegals.  And of course, Marco Rubio would like to supply illegals with first class tickets to the United States at taxpayer expense.

Princeton, NJ, pamphlet "Protect You and Your Family," aimed at educating illegal immigrants on their rights during immigration raids

Why the big push to protect the illegal aliens?  Because ICE actually arrested two people for immigration violations, including one with a DUI.  These were not blanket raids.  They were targeting one single illegal.  His pal happened to be in the wrong place at the3 wrong time.  Councilwoman Heather Howard, called the arrests “unfortunate.:

 “These [arrests] are really unfortunate,” she told the paper. “They cause fear and panic in the community, and they work to undermine the community’s effort to improve law enforcement relations.”

So arresting criminals leads to poor relations between criminals and the law?  Excuse me, but isn’t that the idea behind policing?

ICE spokesman Alvin Phillips responded to Howard:

“ICE arrests are not unfortunate.  In fact to the contrary of previous reports — ICE actions are in keeping with the laws and homeland security priorities: National Security, Public Safety and Border Security. I will also add, arrests in question are afforded an opportunity to meet with legal counsel.”

Just one more reason why democrats must no be permitted to win in November.

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