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[Reality Check] #OrlandoShooting, It’s About Terrorism, Stupid!

Why can’t liberals and their puppet activists ever catch a clue.  Talk about never missing an opportunity to twist a horrifying event to fit their needs.  The LGBTQ activists are using the tragedy in Orlando to call Americans homophobes and blame them for what happened.

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For all the love liberals say they have for LGBTQ folks, their weak record on fighting radical Islamic jihadis is clear.  But, for gay activists to try and use this to push an agenda is reprehensible.  It’s like marathon runners using the Boston bombing to go after people who don’t run marathons.  And, it will do NOTHING to prevent it from happening again.  It’s about terrorism, stupid! And Americans are dying.

Milo Yiannopoulos said it best in a piece at Breitbart after the Orlando shootings:

The gay Establishment, run by far-left wackos, is of course part of the problem too. It constantly makes excuses for Islam instead of sticking up for the people it’s supposed to protect.

Wake up, faggots. The political Left is part of the problem.



I couldn’t agree more.

H/T: [ Breitbart]

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