• November 28, 2022

Republican Offers Common Sense Deportation Law


Rep. Brian Babin (R) Tx has proposed a common sense deportation law that Obama should embrace.  In congressional hearings, representatives of the Obama caliphate defended releasing criminals because their countries of origin refused to take them back.

“My bill puts the interests of American citizens, like Casey Chadwick, first.”

Casey Chadwick was murdered by an illegal alien, who did time in a US prison for attempted murder.  When Haiti refused to take him back, he was released and murdered Chadwick.

Babin points out that countries that refuse to take back their criminals receive foreign aid from the United States.  His proposal would cut off all foreign aid and would deny all visa requests from any country refusing to accept their criminals back.  We gave Haiti 466,879,506 in foreign aid due to the disastrous earthquake they suffered.  Losing that kind of money would be a huge incentive for Haiti to take back their criminals.

Babin explains:

“This is a simple solution. For those who refuse to take back their citizens, we can and should take away some of their privileges. It’s not a right for them to get U.S. foreign aid.  These 20 or so countries need to join the 100-plus other nations and repatriate folks we are deporting.”

“There is nothing partisan about this bill. Our bill gives the president, regardless of party, another tool to remove these dangerous criminals from our streets. The victims of criminal aliens are not Democrats or Republicans; they are American citizens, as elected officials, we took an oath of office to protect the safety and security of the American people and my bill is just a common sense step in fulfilling that promise.”

Babin has 20 co sponsors, all republicans.  He hopes to convince democrats to co sponsor his bill also.

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