Republicans Looking to FINE NANCY For Breaking Her Own Rule!

Democrats are never actually the type of people that like to follow an example that they want other people to set. They are more the type that wants to tell people what to do and then do the opposite.

Why the heck do you see so many of them breaking quarantine protocols that they set themselves? I can only imagine if more of them were being subjected to the scrutiny that Republicans are subjected to what kind of trouble they would be in.

This latest thing that is along these lines is the fines for skipping past the metal detector in the House of Representatives. Given what happened last month, I would say it is a reasonable rule, but only if everyone follows it. We’re looking at you, Nancy…

In keeping with their long time tradition, the Democrats have proven themselves to be the world champion hypocrites.

The House installed metal detectors so that Democrats can claim they did it to keep Republicans from harming them. They established a fine of $5,000 for walking around them.

They have already fined Republican Reps. Louie Gohmert and Andrew Clyde for avoiding the detectors.

On Friday, Nancy Pelosi was caught by three Republicans walking around the metal detectors and now they insist that she be fined as well.

Republican Reps. Rodney Davis, Barry Loudermilk, and Bryan Steil sent the letter to Timothy P. Blodgett, demanding that Pelosi pay the same fine as Republicans. Fat chance.

I’m sure she will find a way around it but if she does that rule has to be abandoned.

In their letter, they wrote:

“House Resolution 73 directs you in your capacity as Sergeant at Arms to impose fines against members of the House who fail to complete security screening prior to entering the House Chamber. The resolution, which went into effect upon passage of the House on February 2nd, imposes a fine for $5,000 for the first offense.”

“It also directs you to promptly notify in writing of fines being imposed for violations of House Resolution 73. Yesterday, at approximately 9:59 am, multiple members observed the Speaker of the House entering the House Chamber without completing security screening. What was observed was a clear violation of House Resolution 73 and you are required by House Rules to impose this fine. Please inform us once the fine has been assessed.” 

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