• March 1, 2024

Riot erupts after prison break from Nashville juvenile jail

Two dozen teens broke out of a common area at a Nashville juvenile detention center late Wednesday, wandering around the yard inside the facility’s fencing with wooden sticks and fire extinguishers. On Monday, 32 teens escaped the same facility.

The teens broke out of their dorm buildings late Wednesday, according to The Tennessean, by kicking out through aluminum panels under windows. This same method led to the Monday night escape of 32 teens held at the facility. As of early Thursday, six of those escapees were still at large.

Five or six teens were first reported on a roof of one of the dorm buildings just after 11 p.m., accordingto WTVF. Others eventually followed, with over 20 being reported outside the facilities at around 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

After accessing the yard that surrounds the housing dorms, the 24 teens used makeshift tools – including wooden sticks and pipes, according to reports – to try to open other parts of buildings on campus. Some sprayed fire extinguishers into the air, and at least one detainee toppled a Woodland Hills guards in the yard.

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