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Ron Paul, Not A “Team Player” In The GOP Primary

Someone forgot to tell Ron Paul, he isn’t running for president and neither is his son. But he still insists on inserting his barbs at the GOP front runner. This isn’t the first time he’s taken shots at Trump. And you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to wonder why this guy has got such a vitriolic distaste for him.

TheLibertarianRepublic After Donald Trump’s victory in Nevada, Ron Paul appeared on CNBC where he said he would never support the current Republican front-runner. Citing that he is tapping into the anger and fear of voters, he slammed both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for committing the same ill, saying,

“The unfortunate thing is, I don’t hear any answers. I hear the ability of politicians to catalyze worries, fears, and concerns. They build on this. And they’re able to use the blame game, blame somebody, oh it’s the immigrants, it’s the Mexicans! We gotta make them pay for what they do. Oh it’s the Chinese fault, we’ll put a tax of 35%.”

When asked if he would support him as the nominee, Ron Paul chuckled and said he wouldn’t support him “at all.” He also said that they were all establishment to him.

Additionally, Paul said he thought Trump was worse than the establishment in some cases.

“In some places, Trump is worse than the establishment. He says he loves torture! Trump is very conventional. He has nothing new when it comes to serious ideas.”

He then ripped into the notion that we should spend more on our military, pointing out that we have the most powerful military in the world and no country would ever invade us.

This isn’t the first time Ron Paul has criticized the Republican Party and the election front-runner. Paul called Trump a “dangerous authoritarian” last summer and has said that no candidate remaining deserves the libertarian vote.

Watch the segment here.

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