• August 12, 2022

Rumor Says Group Planning on Starting Conservative News Channel

One of the big reasons that Fox News has grown into such a powerhouse is the simple fact that it has no real competition.  Broadcast and cable news organizations are overwhelmingly liberal and they split up the leftist viewers, whereas Fox has the conservatives all to themselves.  But conservatives have become increasingly sour on Fox News as they move ever leftward.  A new station would be starting out way ahead of Fox News.  Fox spent a couple of years even getting onto various cable rosters.

The leftwing hates Fox and would undoubtedly hate the new station but that would be outweighed by the liberal’s desire to see Fox taken down a peg or two and a new station could end up being immediately available in 85 million homes across the country.  But deciding to start such a station, one needs talent and management.

Where would that talent come from and who could wean the station from birth to success.  In that a prominent name has been mentioned, Roger Ailes.  Now, at 77, it’s unlikely that Ailes could handle the day to day management of an enterprise this big, but there are several fronts on which he could supply the station his experience.  Think about it.  Most Fox hosts were people you had never heard of before they went to work for Fox and Ailes was the one hunting down the talent.  No doubt, he has some ideas on who to bring on board.

Ailes had built Fox brick by brick and made them a dynamic station, whose ratings reached unheard of levels.  You just can’t find people with that kind of experience.  But why would a 77 year old Roger Ailes take on the job?  Well, to prove that Fox News wasn’t just a fluke and possibly to take Fox down a peg after his much publicized firing.

But who could they get to run the operation on a day to day basis?  The answer could be found in the recent news. Allegedly, Bill Shine of Fox News asked for a vote of confidence from the management (Murdochs) of Fox News, which he was denied.  He would love to partner up with Roger Ailes again.

And where would the viewers come from?  Everywhere.  Conservatives are not happy with the leftward shift at Fox and they would welcome a new station, whose values are the same as theirs.  The sons of Rupert Murdoch are playing an ever bigger role in the operation of Fox News and that means the shift to the left could be getting much worse and much quicker.  I know I quit watching Fox almost two years ago and I would love to see a new station become what Fox used to be.

One last thing.  I have heard rumors that the new station could hire Tomi Lahren.  I find that difficult if not impossible to believe for two reasons.  Number one, she is not really a conservative and would not give the station an advantage on that front and the fact that her co-workers found her nearly impossible to work with and you have a recipe for disaster.

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