• May 26, 2022

Rush Limbaugh Concerned About “Reaching Across The Aisle”

Rush Limbaugh can be a polorizing pundit to many mainly because whether you like it or not the man hits the nail on the head a great deal of the time. To his fans he is their voice and and guiding light. To his critics, he is the anti-christ, his spot on analisys drives liberals to madness.

Provided by Rush Limbaugh:

 I want to take some time today to try to explain why I’m nervous and destroy some myths that seem to always pop up after elections about unity and crossing the aisle and working together and almost apologizing for winning.

This is a wonderful assessment on the election, and I will not try to duplicate it with my humble thoughts, but take a few minutes and digest these words. His main point is do not feel guilty that you are on the winning side, no reaching across the isle, no compromise. That thought process has failed in the past. One good thing is Donald Trump owes the Republican Party nothing, none in the establishment did a thing, and now they are scrambling, to their own schgrin.  People on the right have not taste victory in years and as Barrack Obama once said,”Get in the back of the bus,” well now the seat assignment is reversed, don’t be sorry or second guess yourself. It’s what we have been waiting 4 years for that Mitt Romney rolled over on. Enjoy and help “Make America Great again.”

What do you think?

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