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Russia Prepares to Release Unredacted Emails From Hillary’s Server

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Russian sources say that the government is getting ready to release unredacted emails from Hillary’s server and that they are only waiting for final approval from the Kremlin.  The report says that the emails have been prepared and can be released the moment the green light is given.  Oddly, this revelation comes just one day after Julian Assange said that Wikileaks would be releasing more Hillary emails.  Everyone is convinced they are the same ones released by the State Department.  But what if they aren’t?  What if he is talking about the release from Russia?

This could create havoc not only for Clinton, but the entire Obama administration.  Let’s look at a possible scenario.  Assange releases the Russian copies of the emails.  We might find many emails that Hillary never turned over to the State Department.  She would be guilty of being careless under the espionage act AND she could face charges for not turning over all of her work emails.  The Obama administration could be in trouble also if it is found out that many of the redaction were made to cover up for Hillary’s crimes and not for national security purposes.

The Clinton campaign finally admitted that Russians tried a few times to hack into Hillary’s private server but only after the Inspector General revealed that fact.  Previously they denied it.  The campaign insists the attempts were fruitless.  Perhaps they weren’t being truthful?  It’s been known to happen from Clinton and her minions.

One other thing leads me to believe that Assange may be expecting to receive the unredacted emails from Russia.  He claims what he will be posting would be more than enough to convict Clinton, even though he doesn’t believe Obama or Lynch will allow it.

From The Daily Mail:

And because both Clinton’s server and the State Department systems were vulnerable to hacking, the perpetrators could have those original emails.

Stewart Baker, a Washington lawyer who spent more than three years as an assistant secretary of the Homeland Security Department and is former legal counsel for the National Security Agency, said it is ‘entirely plausible … that foreign intelligence services discovered and rifled Hillary Clinton’s server’.

If so, infiltrators would have copies of all her emails – unredacted. 

Baker points out another instance where Clinton’s server might have been hacked.

A March 2, 2009, email warned against State Department officials using Blackberries. Eric Boswell, assistant secretary of state, says the ‘vulnerabilities and risks associated with the use of Blackberries … considerably outweigh their convenience.’

Nine days later, another email states that Clinton approached Boswell and says she ‘gets’ the risk.

The email also said: ‘Her attention was drawn to the sentence that indicates we (the diplomatic security office officials) have intelligence concerning this vulnerability during her recent trip to Asia.’

Hillary could be in for one helluva bumpy ride.



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