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Samuel L Jackson Opposes Immigration..But Only Selectively [VIDEO]

Samuel L Jackson is all for open borders but only up to a point.  Once that point is reached, he is dead set against it.  In other words, he is the typical hypocritical liberal Hollywood loon.  He has been a major critic of President Trump because he actually thinks people give a crap what he thinks.

So, what part of immigration is he against?  Illegal immigration?  Nope.  He has no problem with illegal aliens scooping up all the jobs that blacks use to gain experience and to better their lot.  He is actually against legal immigration and then only for some.  He is upset because black British actors come here legally and get jobs in Hollywood that Jackson doesn’t believe they are entitled to.

Samuel L. Jackson has criticized the casting of black British actors in films about racism in America, citing recent horror hit “Get Out” and “Selma” as key examples.



 “There are a lot of black British actors in these movies,” Jackson said in an interview with the New York radio station Hot 97 . “I tend to wonder what that movie [‘Get Out’] would have been with an American brother who really understands that.”
The movie’s lead actor, Daniel Kaluuya, was born in London; in “Get Out,” he plays an African-American. “Get Out” director Jordan Peele told the Observer that he didn’t initially want to cast a British actor in the lead “because this movie was so much about representation of the African-American experience,” but after a Skype call with Kaluuya, he knew he was the right choice.

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