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Sessions: ‘THIS IS THE TRUMP ERA’..Announces New Tougher Enforcement on Illegals

This is no longer your Obama’s illegal alien policies.  The Attorney General of the Department of Justice, Jeffrey Sessions, left no doubt that “The Times They are a Changing”.   He announced the coming of the age of Trump, then set down new priorities and policies on illegal aliens that are sure to piss off every liberal in the country.  He declared open war with the MS-13 gang along with the Mexican drug cartels.  In addition, he has instructed all US Attorneys to vigorously prosecute any illegal alien who attacks a federal officer and to also pursue identity theft charges against illegals who steal the Social Security numbers of Americans living and dead for which the minimum sentence is two years.


“When we talk about MS-13 and the cartels, what do we mean? We mean criminal organizations that turn cities and suburbs into warzones, that rape and kill innocent citizens, and who profit by smuggling poison and other human beings across our borders,” Sessions said in prepared remarks to Customs and Border Protection officers. “Depravity and violence are their calling cards, including brutal machete attacks and beheadings.”

Speaking in Arizona, Sessions added, “It is here, on this sliver of land, where we first take our stand against this filth. In this fight, I am here to tell you, the brave men and women of Customs and Border Protection: we hear you, and we have your back.”

The attorney general announced that federal prosecutors are mandated to consider for felony prosecution people who transport or harbor illegal immigrants, and illegal immigrants who re-enter the country after being deported, especially those with a criminal history or gang affiliation. According to a memo signed Tuesday, prosecutors should, where possible, also charge illegal immigrants “with document fraud and aggravated identity theft — the latter carrying a two-year mandatory minimum sentence.”

Trump and Sessions aren’t playing kiddies.



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