• May 29, 2023

She Whipped Her 3 Sons For Breaking Into a House…Guess Who’s in Jail

A mother of three was angry when she found out her three boys had broken into a house and she spanked them.  Apparently, it is legal to spank your kids as long as don’t smack them hard enough to bruise.  So you want to spank your kids?  Either buy a Nerf paddle or belt.  I got my share of hits with a leather belt growing up and I can tell you from experience that the whipping is to let you know you did wrong and the bruises were the part that made sure you remembered that.

A Baton Rogue, Louisiana, was arrested after she admitted to whipping her sons as punishment for breaking into a house.

Schaquana Spears told WBRZ after bonding out of jail that she thought she did the right thing when she whipped her three sons. Her 13-year-old reportedly told detectives that his mother struck him with an RCA cord repeatedly. The teen had cuts on his arms and marks on various parts of his body. His brothers, ages 10 and 2, were also injured.

“They’re just being kids, being followers,” Spears told the station of her decision to discipline her kids. “I thought I was showing them this is not what you do. You do not steal people’s stuff, what they work hard for. I know how that feels, I’ve had my house broken into.”

District Attorney Hillar Moore issued a statement :

“Parents have the right and obligation to discipline and teach their children. We often time see children who have no parental authority or discipline which eventually results in delinquency and criminal acts. We need more parents who discipline their children. Surely you would expect a parent to discipline a child who is burglarizing other people’s homes as this could be a deadly encounter for the child. The degree of physical discipline will be reviewed. The law does not allow excessive pain or cruelty but does allow physical parental discipline. I only have the short synopsis which does indicate that the discipline resulted in marks on the child’s body and possibly an open wound.”

So, what do you think?

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