• July 3, 2022

Sick Thugs Slapped This Teacher Silly, And That’s Not Even The Worst Part!

I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with TikTok and it is all based on these ridiculous challenges that pop on there. Over the years, there have been some fun dancing challenges, recipes to try and really great content creators sharing some great political stories, but there is also a darker side to TikTok.

Challenges pop up that can be downright violent and hurtful to innocent people and that is just what the latest challenge is about.

The newest TikTok trend is to “slap a teacher” and one student decided that is what she would do and get away with it.

Larianna Jackson of Covington High School in Louisiana slapped her 64-year-old disabled teacher in the classroom. It didn’t end there; Jackson then repeatedly punched the teacher in the face.

The Covington Police Department described the attack: “In the video, you can see the schoolteacher sitting at her desk where she appears to be talking to Larrianna Jackson. After a moment, Jackson punches the teacher, causing the teacher to fall to the ground. As the teacher fell to the ground, Jackson continues to violently close fist punch the teacher. The video then turns off at this point.”

A still shot from the video shows the student with her arm raised over the teacher who had fallen to the floor:

Jackson was arrested for the attack on the elderly teacher and charged with battery assault which is punishable as a felony. The teen is being held at St Tammany Parish Jail until her trial.

However, while that is horrible enough in itself the mug shot of Jackson is what is even more troubling.

The teen is actually SMILING during the mug shot which just shows how far we have fallen as a society.

One local news report below discusses concerns over Tik Tok challenges, including vandalizing school bathrooms and slapping teachers:

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