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Target Wants To Indoctrinate The Minds Of Your Children! Here’s How…

Are YOU still shopping at Target? Is Target the type of business you want to support? Target is determined to be a leader in cultural indoctrination regarding gender neutrality. And they know, like so many others, the way to change a culture the fastest and with the most long term success is to get to the youngest and mold their views before they have an opportunity to gain the power to make up their own minds by weighing both sides of an issue. In this case, Target wants your children to buy into gender neutrality before they have the opportunity to figure out just what that does to a civilized culture that believes in traditional marriage, Christianity, and healthy family foundations. Again, I ask you. Are you still shopping at Target?

It started with the toy aisle.

Target removed the “boys” and girls” signs from the toy aisles and bedding area last fall.

Now, the retail giant is adding gender-neutral bedding to its kids home decor line to further blur the line between what is considered boys and girls.

The Pillowfort collection offers universally-themed bedding including trees, bicycles and arrows in neutral colors like white, black and yellow.

“Who are we to say what a child’s individual expression is? We really wanted to develop a collection that would be universal,” Julie Guggemos, Target’s vice president of design, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.


There still are dinosaurs, astronauts and flowers, however, the colors of the motifs are not so gender oriented. Target tested the patterns at a kids fair asking children to choose their favorite, according to the Star-Tribune.

“Girls were picking prints that the boys picks and vice versa,” Guggemos told the Star-Tribune. “They’re not afraid to express who they are. We picked up on that right away and decided we were getting in our own way a little bit with some of those paradigms. It’s time to change.”

Target will be rolling out an ad campaign for the Pillowfort collection, which is available starting Feb. 21.


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