• June 28, 2022

Ted Cruz Sends Word to Trump..I Will Accept Supreme Court Nomination


The Washington Examiner is reporting that Ted Cruz has informed the Trump transition team that he would accept the nomination for the Supreme Court.  There is a source close to Cruz who denies it but two members of the transition team have said that he has sent word that he would.  Can’t you just hear the sobs and wails coming from the liberals now?  And if Senate republicans don’t wet their pants, they can use Harry Reid’s nuclear option to ensure that he gets the nomination.

Ted Cruz is a strict constitutionalist and he would not go soft like other republican nominees have.  He’s only 45 and would spend decades on the bench and would likely follow John Roberts as Chief Justice.  I can see the riots coming now.  The media and public opinion wouldn’t sway him, I believe.  The only recourse the democrats would have is to sue to declare the nuclear option to be unconstitutional.  But if they do that all the appointees the democrats pushed through that way and the work they did would be nullified.  I’d call it a coin toss.

From the Washington Examiner:

At the legal conference on Friday, he answered a question about joining the court by saying, “What I will say is that history is long and can take unexpected paths.”

He added, “I think it is absolutely vital that that seat and every other seat that comes vacant on the court be filled by principled constitutionalists who will be faithful to the law and will check their own policy preferences at the door and simply honor their oath.”

Republican sources said that it is likely that Cruz would win confirmation, but if he was challenged by Democrats, they expect GOP leaders to use the so-called “nuclear option” to win his seat with a simple majority of senators.

He has already won calls of support. In the Senate, South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham said Cruz would be a perfect replacement for Scalia.

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