• April 20, 2024

Ted Nugent Cries Foul After Verizon’s Sportsman’s Channel Dumps Americana/Pro Gun Shows

Sour grapes or a hidden agenda? Ted Nugent doesn’t buy the excuses from the network that viewership was low. He thinks something else is driving the cancelation of Sarah Palin’s Amazing America with Sarah Palin and The Outdoor Channel that ran Ted Nugent’s show.

Breitbart reports: Verizon FIOS scrapped Sportsman Channel, home to Amazing America with Sarah Palin, and Outdoor Channel, which runs Ted Nugent’s show. Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, LLC (“KSE”) owns both networks. While Verizon cries low viewership, Nugent isn’t buying it.

While appearing on Mama Grizzly Radio, Nugent pulled no punches. “Political correctness is choking the life out of the freedom in this country,” said the legendary rocker. “You’ve got a bunch of punks on the other side of the world that think that somehow in between barbecues the animals have rights—which is so absurd that Alfred E. Newman wouldn’t include it in the next issue of Mad aagazine because he’d be too busy flying over the cuckoo’s nest.”

Nugent went on to speak about Verizon and why they’re really taking away these channels rich in American tradition. “Anybody that’s against hunting, fishing and trapping, the Second Amendment, and self defense—you really have to be from some planet other than Earth,” said Nugent.

The Motor City Madman points to the “soullessness of those on the Left that are against truth, nature, God’s creation, and the perfection of tooth, fang, and claw that produces back straps to feed America and the world. It really is Planet of the Apes stuff when you’re against this kind of perfection.”

In an official statement from Verizon the company blames “low viewership” for its decision to cut the programming. “It’s a lie,” Nugent said. “It’s a political correct escape mechanism. Verizon is infested with anti-hunters, animal rights freaks, anti-gunners, people that don’t believe in self defense.”

Nugent laments that moves like this bring us ever closer to the “Michael Bloomberg dream” of more gun-free zones—a dream sought by many gun grabbers even though innocent victims continue to die because of the phony barriers.

During the interview Nugent also discusses Sarah Palin, his amazing career, Kid Rock, drug abuse, and much more. To hear the full interview with Nugent visit here.


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