• June 26, 2022

Teens Check Out Pretty Girl and Immediately Senses Something is Wrong [VIDEO]

Aaron and Jamal, were driving around their town of Kaufman County, Texas. It was a nice day out but they had nothing better to do and as they were driving they saw a pretty girl in the back of another car and they pulled up beside to check her out. She seemed to be trying to tell them something by mouthing words that the boys could not make out. But then they decided she was trying to say “Help me.” They called 911 and fell back where they could follow the car without raising suspicions from the driver.

The teens continued to keep the car in sight until the police arrived and stopped the car. As it turned out, the woman had been kidnapped two weeks before in Downtown Dallas. She was understandably relieved that her ordeal had finally come to an end and she hugged both teens to show her appreciation.

Aaron is only 19 years old and is attending a local college. This is perhaps the most tense moment of his life up until this point and you can hear it in his voice. Still, he explains why the pair had an uneasy feeling about this woman and the man driving the vehicle.

Aaron and Jamal continued to follow the vehicle down U.S. 175 through the heart of Texas, making sure to never lose sight of the woman and the car. Soon though, the police finally caught up with both vehicles and pulled over the vehicle with the woman. Aaron and Jamal would soon find out that they just saved a woman’s life with their gut instincts.

The woman had been kidnapped two weeks earlier, in downtown Dallas, Texas at gun point. Had this pair not noticed her, she may have never escaped her kidnapper. The driver, Charles Atkins Lewis, a 37-year-old man, was arrested for aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping.

Aaron and Jamal would meet the woman after she was checked by paramedics. Thankfully, the woman was unharmed during the two week living nightmare and was incredibly thankful to the two young men. Aaron told NBCDFW what it was like to meet her.

She hugs us. I would describe it as the best hug I have ever gotten.

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