• May 24, 2024

The Birth Defect Teddy Faced Was No Match For His Parents Love And Determination

These parents made a decision to have and love their baby, NO MATTER WHAT! Look at what happened…

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When an unborn baby exhibits signs of less than perfect health, many families report that their doctors are quick to suggest an abortion.

 One Australia family experienced the situation last year after their unborn son was diagnosed with a rare but correctable condition. The Daily Mail reports Holly and Stephen Hodgson learned that their unborn son’s intestines were growing outside of his body during their 12-week ultrasound appointment.

“The radiologist said it would be fine but then when I went to see my doctor he told me that I should terminate because he had only seen three other cases who all terminated,” Holly told Kidspot.

The Brisbane mom said she went home and began researching her son’s condition, gastroschisis. This was her first child, and she wanted to research the doctor’s advice. It was only after doing her own research that she learned that between 90 percent and 95 percent of babies with the condition survive the pregnancy, she said.

Here’s more from Kidspot:

“It makes me sick and angry when I look back on what he said.”

Holly has decided to tell her story in case other parents find themselves in the same situation and don’t realise that many little ones can go onto live normal lives after they are born with gastroschisis.

“I was still upset with that he said even though I wasn’t prepared to terminate because I hadn’t read anything about babies being terminated so I didn’t think it was possible. It was a silly thing to have said.”

When Holly got a second opinion it was confirmed that she had made the right decision in keeping her child – there was no mention of terminating, just very close monitoring.Teddy was born in December with both his small and large intestines outside of his body. Doctors performed surgery and placed the organs back inside his stomach; and eight weeks after his birth, his parents took him home, according to the report.

Teddy turned 7-months-old in August, and he is doing well, his mother said.

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