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The GENIUS With The Firecracker Vest Is BACK, This Time With A Paintball Gun In His Mouth [WATCH]

This guy has gone viral for ALL THE WRONG REASONS!


First, he wowed us by lighting a firecracker vest around himself (watch below.) Now, he is back, and this time, he has a paintball gun!

“Hi boys and girls, I am about to shoot this paintball gun point-blank into my face. Happy holidays and don’t try this at home,” he proudly announces, before going ahead and, yeah, you had better believe it, doing it.

Watch the new video here. We think he lost a tooth?

Earlier, were reported: Christmas is a time to celebrate and to enjoy life. Lights and decorations make people feel good and put them in “The Holiday Spirit.”

This man, Zach, decided that he would like to do his part to make the Season bright. Normally, fireworks are associated with another American holiday, Independence Day, aka July 4th. Perhaps, fireworks are a good idea for Christmas?

Perhaps not! It is a miracle that Zach lived through this stupid stunt, though, from the looks and sounds of it, he wishes that maybe he hadn’t. It looks too painful and cringeworthy to watch again but I think that I will.

Check out the idiocy for yourself, below:

Zach’s Youtube channel is aptly named “Too Stupid To Die,” and we think that this video is the perfect fit.

You can see more of his stunts here.

Zach bellyflops, board dives, and puts together montages that show his creative genius, if that is what you would like to call it.

He somewhat reminds me of a cross between Costello and Chris Farley. Do you agree? He is a little too large to remind me of Jack Black, and his humor is a bit more rough.

Truthfully, the world needs another Chris Farley. We lost him far too soon and no one has been able to replace him. I am not suggesting that Zach here is even close to that level of awesomeness, but if you think an overweight guy doing ridiculous things is funny, you will like this man’s work.

Who is your favorite comedian? I never liked Chevy Chase or Steve Martin much. Chris Farley and Will Ferrell, on the other hand, are hysterical. Dave Chappelle is one of the all time greats as well.

Keep working, Zach. Perhaps someday you will get there!

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