The Real Reason Rupert Murdoch Hates Donald Trump


Have you ever asked yourself why Fox News hates Donald Trump and has been pushing Marco Rubio as the next great white establishment hope?  It’s really not that big of a mystery.  Follow the money Rupert Murdoch has been pouring into advocacy for open borders in the United States.  You see, Rupert Murdoch is the co chair of the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE), an organization pushing for open borders in the United States.  They supplied money and manpower trying to get Marco Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill passed.

Fox News no longer even pretends to lean to the right.  That could be the big reason Sean Hannity’s highly rated show was moved out of prime time and establishment tool and sometimes porno model, Megyn Kelly was moved into his slot.

Getting back to Murdoch, who do you suppose his co chairs at the PNAE are?  Former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, Disney CEO Bob Iger.  Iger is best kno2wn for firing American employees in order to replace them with foreign workers.  That was another bill Marco Rubio wrote, to triple the amount of H-1B workers allowed in to replace Americans, willing to work for much less.

Other co chairs include former San Antonio mayor, Julian Castro, who wants unlimited immigration into the US.  Jim McNerney, CEO of Boeing, who is also looking to stock up on cheap foreign labor.  Bill Marriott, Chairman of the Board of Marriott Hotels, who wants to maximize earnings by hiring maids and maintenance crews made up of cheap foreign labor.

Michael Nutter, former mayor of Philadelphia and a big time supporter of open borders.  Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft…………..’nuff said?  It’s a regular who’s who of the coalition to replace American workers.

This is exactly why I do not consider Fox News a legitimate news source and quit watching them about two years ago.  It’s also the reason that Rupert Murdoch has done everything in his power to destroy Donald trump.  Trump made his name on the immigration issue and if he becomes president, Murdoch and his buddies will be forced to….dare I say it?….hire Americans.  Thank heavens he still has Marco Rubio.

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